Your wardrobe for your family photos determines how polished and professional they look.

Keep it simple, choose a color pallet with three or fewer colors, and avoid anything too bright or with too many patterns.

Jewel tones are a universal set of colors that look good on just about everyone.

While typically a fall color, they are classic, timeless, and can compliment many different home styles and backgrounds.

Jewel tone color pallet

More color pallet options.

Depending on how large your family or extended family is, limit the number of colors you choose to take the focus off the clothing and steer it toward the people and connections happening in the image.

Be mindful of the location for your photos. Some colors go better than others with different backgrounds. Also, consider the vibe for your session. Dressy or casual? The colors you choose needs to give off that same feel.

Please ask for help if you’re not sure. Photographers know what colors photographs well and what colors go well together. Let me know if you need some assistance choosing your color pallet for your next family photo.