You might know that a doula is a trained professional who helps another woman during a time of need. When we think of a doula, we typically think of women who provide support to a pregnant woman giving birth. But there truly is so much more to this role. Do you know there are different types of doulas? And they offer different levels of support? They can provide emotional and physical guidance to both partners during pregnancy, the birth itself, and/or postpartum. Read on to meet one very special doula in Houston and see images from her brand photo session. Or find out more the Houston portrait experience you can book to look and feel your best in front of the camera.

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Chaka Parker is the beautiful face and soul behind Doula With A Purpose. She is a full-spectrum pregnancy doula offering assistance to women and couples throughout their entire pregnancy journey and beyond. Chaka worked in the medical field for 16 years before becoming a doula full time and has now helped with almost 50 births. She’ll be with you for any type of birth including in hospitals, birthing centers, and even at home.

When asked why she chose to be a doula, Chaka said she likes babies, but mostly she just wants to “hold moms.” She said she has been fascinated with pregnancy, birth, and babies as long as she can remember. After the births of her own three children, Chaka came to realize that the main stream birthing process lacks a support for mothers and families to ensure autonomy over their and the baby’s bodies and often ends in unnecessary trauma. During two different surrogacy experiences she provided for families in which she enlisted the help of a doula, Chaka felt it was time for her step in and help be the voice who advocates for women and their partners.

As a now certified doula in Houston, Chaka assists with fertility needs, surrogacy, and prenatal care including maternity reiki and vaginal steaming. She is proud to provide a judgement-free, unbiased space for women to labor in comfort meeting their individual needs. Chaka is LGBTQ+ friendly and encourages partners to play an active role in the birth experience. She will be with you during your child’s birth, educating and encouraging you to know when and how to advocate for yourself in this process and have the best birth experience possible. Chaka said, “[We] walk in [to the hospital or birth center] together and leave together…to be sure all women (especially black and brown women) are heard.” She’ll guide you to manifest the birth you want and be open to the birth you have. She knows things do not always go as planned and supports doing what is best and safest for both mom and baby.

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The experience with Chaka doesn’t have to end with the baby’s birth. She is also a postpartum doula helping you navigate postpartum life helping with breastfeeding and ensuring you practice selfcare. Chaka continues to learn more and attend more advanced doula trainings. Originally from California, Chaka now resides in Houston and has been serving pregnant women and their partners in the area for five years.

Chaka is kind, soft, and despite having a wealth of knowledge in regards to the female body, pregnancy, and what she can offer as a doula, does not love the spotlight. For her headshot and brand photo experience, she wanted images that show her goofy personality, her gentle side, and her expertise. We took many images of her in several settings and with a few outfit changes. I asked her to sometimes look at the camera and sometimes look off to one side or the other and often show her beautiful smile. In the end, Chaka chose mostly images where she was looking away instead of directly at the camera – it felt most natural for her, and that warms my heart. We captured her feeling confident, showing her personality, and looking professional.

headshot of Houston doula

Want to get in touch with Chaka or learn more about her? Check out her website or find her on social media.


Facebook: Doula with a Purpose LLC

Instagram: @Doulawithapurpose

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