A Visit to Houston

This was one of my most favorite newborn photo sessions to date. My good friend and former neighbor who had three boys, added a surprise little girl to complete their family just after they moved away. I have had the pleasure of photographing this family since before I officially opened my photo business and have loved being a part of their story. They moved across the country last summer, and I am so honored that when Mom flew back to Houston with just baby Danbi for a few days, she included time for a newborn photo session with the two of them. And it was amazing! Go to Website to find out more about a photoshoot for your newborn or read on for more about Danbi.

baby girl wrapped in purple during in-home newborn photo session, Houston, TX newborn photographer

We did this newborn photo session in my master bedroom, since they were in town for just a few days without a good spot for me to travel to them. (P.S. This was a rare event – my home is not open as a studio.) Watch me transform my bedroom into a space for both lifestyle photos and posed newborn photos for Mom and baby.

Being just shy of two months old, Danbi didn’t want to sleep very much, but she gave us the cutest expressions and lasted about two hours. We were able to get in many lifestyle images, which included some feeding time. This is the last baby Mom will breastfeed, so documenting this special bonding time will help her keep those memories forever. Mom and baby both wore outfits from my client closet and look so sweet together.

lifestyle newborn photo session baby girl and mom in white lace, breastfeeding photos, Houston, Texas newborn photographer

Danbi let us do two different set-ups for posed images (one with purple and one with golden yellow) before she was done. Both of the colors complement her skin tones so well AND look good in Black & White photos.

Houston-Newborn-Baby-Girl-in-Purple making silly faces collage
baby girl wrapped in golden yellow in basket newborn photo session, Houston, Texas newborn photographer

It would have been icing on the cake to capture the whole family of six together, and I know that Danbi’s oldest brother will be sad (read a little jealous) that he wasn’t in the photos, but I am so, so happy to have helped my friend create some special memories from this trip. The images become forever mementoes of time with her first girl and last baby.

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