What to Wear for Family Photos – Tips from a Photographer

It’s that time of year. People are getting together to take the annual family photo, and we know you want to look your best. Here are 5 tips on styling that will help you get ready.

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Family photos on bridge with blue khaki and orange color palette family photos Houston TX, Houston family photographer

1. If you’re a mom, choose your outfit first.

I know this seems like the opposite of how life goes. If you are like me, you probably end up eating last at every meal because you are preparing everyone else’s plates or you’re the last one to head out the door because you are helping the littles put on their shoes/clothes or finding their favorite stuffy. Sound familiar? Not this time. Pick out what you want to wear first, then focus on everyone else. Trust me, it works! Long and flowy photographs really well, and be sure you are comfortable, too!

2. Consider the location.

Will it be on a dirt road or in a field with lots of tall grass? A formal gown and heels may not be the way to go (unless you are going for that rustic glam look). If it’s more urban and modern, maybe western/cowboy boots and jeans will look too our of place. Make your wardrobe style fit the vibe of the environment while not steering too far away from your family’s style. Ask your photographer for help with this if you aren’t sure.

family dressed in fall colors for outdoor photoshoot in Cypress, Texas

3. Think about Color.

When you are making this decision, try to pick colors that go well together, but avoid being matchy-matchy. Focusing on a color palette or one or two main colors that fit the season is your best bet! Start with two complementary colors – opposite each other on the color wheel, then add in neutrals. Suggestions? It depends on the season and the environment, but for fall I like evergreen and wine with navy and tan OR dark blue, yellow, and gray. There are so many options, really. I have color palettes with sample family wardrobes, so ask me if you are stuck or need some inspiration.

4. Be authentic.

Be sure to choose an overall style that fits your family. Kids and grownups alike will naturally smile more if they are wearing clothes that are comfortable and they feel themselves in. Now, I’m not suggesting sweatpants or leisure wear – you want to look sharp and put together. Find a happy middle-ground. This momma loves earthy tones and chose outfits that are very similar to what they all wear everyday.

family of four in fall colors on bridge surrounded by mossy trees

5. Lastly, avoid bright colors, busy prints and graphics

No neons. Period. Bright colors reflect on people’s skin changing the tone that is often not flattering. Busy prints with contrasting colors in them (like white and dark colors) distract from the sweet moment and family connection happening in the photo. Graphics printed on shirts often look misshapen or get folds in the design as people move around. It’s best to stick with solids or prints and vary the textures to add interest.

Remember, you can always ask the photographer for help! Good luck with your family photos this year. I hope you post them, so we can all see them and smile. Contact me if you still need to book a session.

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