With two boys already, these parents will have their hands full with another on the way! This maternity photo session in Cypress, Texas was on a chilly December day, but so much fun as we were able to capture some sweet moments showing the loving connection this family has together. The variety of poses and great backdrops within this one location made for some lovely images that they all love. Read on to see more or click to go to my homepage and learn about the photo experiences I offer.

family of four at outdoor maternity photo session on gravel road

It’s important to get some beautiful images of just Mom, even when there are older siblings in the family. Each pregnancy is different, and you are only pregnant with each child once. Treat yourself and this new baby to some solo photos – they will cherish them later in life. And isn’t this mom stunning?!

three images of pregnant woman in long, flowy, teal dress at outdoor maternity photo session

I am sure to get some full body shots as well as some closer up to showcase your baby bump and joyous time growing a tiny human. This Mama really is glowing and works so hard. She totally deserved to be pampered and be the main focus for once.

Mama to be in long, teal dress at outdoor maternity photo session in a big field of green

When there are siblings, it’s just as important to include them. They will play a role in this new baby’s journey, and they will get less attention once he arrives, so let’s put them in spotlight a little bit, too. Plus, this represents a milestone for this family – these are the last professional photos they’ll have a family of four. It’ll be so fun later to tell baby brother he was in Mommy’s tummy in these pictures (and his proof he wasn’t adopted like many older siblings like to tell the younger ones – haha!).

three images of maternity photos with two children and parents on bridge

Finally, the couple shots. For new parents, this is such a special time. It’s their last season of life alone together for a really long time. For these parents, it’s the last season of having one adult per child at home, so almost time to switch to “zone defense.” But there will also be another child to love and love you back. Their hearts will grow just like their family.

Parents to be in gorgeous setting at outdoor maternity photoshoot

This maternity photo session in Cypress, TX turned out simply gorgeous. There were so many lovely images. It was hard for Mom to narrow down her choices, she loved so many of them. And that means I am happy because I was able to serve this family, capturing sweet moments together they will treasure for a long, long time. I am even more excited to meet this baby next month and take all of their photos again at his in-home newborn photo session.

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