Imagine: your new baby has arrived, and you are over the moon obsessed with them. You booked and planned your newborn photo experience with your amazing photographer about two months ago, and you are so excited for her to come to your house for the photoshoot. What do you need to do on the day of your at-home newborn photo session to help it go as smoothly as possible? Read on to learn five tips or contact me to schedule your photo session with an award-winning, full-service newborn and maternity photographer.

baby sleeping on baby bed prop in gray and brown at at-home newborn photoshoot in Houston, Texas, Katy newborn photographer

Here are the top five things I ask parents to do on the day of the session to optimize our time during the newborn photoshoot and to help baby be as sleepy and comfortable as possible.

When in doubt, choose neutral-colored, solid (not print) outfits for both parents and any siblings who will be in the photos.

When you work with me, we plan this all out ahead of time, so I have time to acquire something new for mom to wear and you have time to shop for dad and siblings. But if you’re strapped for ideas or aren’t able to discuss this in advance, my best advice is to go as simple as possible in color with the fewest number of patterns and colors. You want to emphasize the connection and bond you and your family are making with our new little ones rather than the clothes you are wearing. A great choice is cream/white shirt with blue jeans or khakis for dad and siblings with a cream/white comfortable dress for mom. This goes with just about any color your new baby will be wrapped in. Dress the baby in a loose fitting outfit that is easy to remove since I bring all wraps and outfits we’ll need for your new baby.

Warm up your home a little bit.

This applies mostly to the winter-time and sometimes not at all here in the Houston, Texas area. I ask all my parents to have their homes be at least 72°F. Babies sleep the best when they are snuggly and warm and tend to not like it when I unwrap them in a cold environment. I always bring a small space heater to be close to babe that will help when they are not fully wrapped or dressed.

big brother with new baby sister at at-home newborn photo session

Feed everyone before the photo session begins.

This includes yourselves and siblings. Please wait to feed the new baby either right before I am scheduled to arrive or as soon as I get there. Babies with full tummies are more content and relaxed, which makes for better photos with super cute faces. I most often do my newborn photo sessions in the morning, so ask that siblings and parents eat something that morning, too. Experience has taught me that hungry children are usually grumpy children (and sometimes adults, too) who do not want to be in photos with their new baby. Let’s avoid those meltdowns by eating breakfast. In regards to food, something you might not have considered is that if you are breastfeeding, try to avoid spicy foods, foods that are known to cause gas, and caffeine (yeah right, I know!) 24 hours before the session if possible – it will help your baby be more comfortable that day.

Only tidy up the spaces where we will be taking photos.

I’m serious here – you are not hosting a party. Please do not clean up everywhere. We need a space in an open area for the baby’s posed photos – like in front of your couch (we can move the coffee table). If we have planned parent and sibling photos, clear off your largest bed and any nightstands or leave a wall space open. Again, I help you plan this ahead of time during our design consultation. Otherwise, leave the toys, laundry, and messy kitchen with dishes in the sink. I have little children of my own and promise I do not judge.

family of five all sons during newborn photo session in their home in Jersey Village, Texas with Houston newborn photographer

Keep your baby stimulated and awake for about an hour before the session begins.

This is probably the most important tip that helps the newborn photoshoot go as smoothly as possible. It helps make baby extra sleepy for the session, and when baby can get in a deeper sleep, it allows posing and changing wraps smoother. A warm bath is a great way to do this as well as talking and interacting with baby while keeping them in just their diaper.

Follow these tips as well an any others your newborn photographer mentions for the best newborn photoshoot experience that produces the most precious photos you will love to display and share over and over again. Contact me today to start planning your Katy area at-home newborn photo session.

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