When people ask what I do for a living, I tell them I am a full-service portrait photographer from bump to baby and beyond. I often wonder if people really know or understand what full-service is in photography. Let’s share what it means to me and everything it includes in the photography experiences I offer.

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For all of my photo experiences, full-service means I put customer service at the top of my priority list – yes, even before creating your gorgeous photos I am working to serve you. It is important to me that every client is satisfied with, no in love with their experience and their images. I book only a limited number of clients each month to have the dedicated time to take care of every detail, answer all questions in a timely manner, and provide support through the entire process however I am able. But let’s dive deeper into what you get when you choose me to photograph you and your loved ones.

Design Consultation

The first thing we do after you are officially booked is have a design consultation. I meet you in person at your home (or have a call or video chat if you prefer) to discuss colors, outfits, locations, poses, style, etc. Tell me all about your ideas or specifics for a few of the images you want to create, then I’ll guide you to design a cohesive plan to complete your vision. The specifics that are offered depend on the type of photo experience you need.

Wardrobe Assistance

For both maternity and newborn photo experiences, a wardrobe for mom plus all wraps, headbands, bonnets, outfits, layers, and props, etc. for the baby are provided from my growing client closet. For moms, I have both maternity and postpartum dresses, and when you book far enough in advance, we have the option to purchase new items if I do not have a color or size we need for your session. Taking one more thing off your busy plate helps to reduce the stress associated with getting professional photos taken. Let me do it for you. I also have plenty of tiny onesies, colored wraps, backdrops, floors, and a variety of buckets, bowls, baskets, and baby beds along with tiny stuffies for the new baby’s photos.

rack full of colorful dresses for maternity and postpartum for photo sessions

Using my prep guides on what to wear for modern headshots or for family photo sessions, you will have tons of tips to get you started on choosing outfits for yourself or your family. For any of my full-service sessions, I can come to your home and help you choose items from your closets for each person in the photos. It’s all about clothes that fit, fatter you, and match your style, then putting it all together in a way where each item compliments the others. Let me help!

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Hair and Makeup Services

Maternity and full-service Headshot/Branding sessions include professional hair and makeup services. I partner with several professional hair and makeup artists with tons of experience to help you look your best. They travel to you at your home or office to pamper you before our photo session. For newborn and family photo experiences, we can add on this service for as many people as needed.

Stress- Free Session

During the photo session itself, it is my top priority to help you and your team or your baby and your family feel not just comfortable, but confident in front of the camera. With my vast photography education and years of experience posing people and taking photos from angles that best flatter you, you will feel at ease as I guide you on how to sit or stand and even on what to do with your hands. I’ve got it covered! Feel more relaxed as we play your favorite music to help you feel the vibe that brings out your best self. Within just a few minutes you’ll forget any nerves you might have and feel confident while I take the photos.

Collage of Houston portrait photographer behind the scenes with clients providing support during photo sessions

Processing with Magic

Included in all of sessions is image processing. I automatically do things like face swapping when appropriate to create the best image possible from all of the ones we took. For example, If you want a posed family photo with all of your children looking in the direction of the camera, I can create that in post, even if it didn’t happen all at the same time in real life. At your request you can appear younger, slightly thinner, slightly fuller, softer, or sharper. I call it creating a little magic while re-touching each image.

Ordering Your Images

Your full-service photo experience with me also includes a viewing and ordering appointment about a week or two after your session. We can meet in person or have a Zoom call for convenience. You will see all of the best images created during your session. A few will be fully-edited, to give you an idea of what a finished image looks like but and most are only soft-edited. This way, we can discuss potential re-touches to each images to be sure you love everything about each image you purchase.

For printed products, I guide you to choose the right sizes and styles to compliment your office or home décor. It’s ok if you don’t know what you want right now. I use my professional expertise and previous experiences to customize your prints for you and your family, and you won’t have to worry if you ordered the right thing or if it’s a quality product. I research and sample many items to be sure that I provide you with only the best products from professional print labs.

collage of clients sharing photo artwork they love

Finally, full-service means I design, order, and personally deliver the artwork to you. You get to view the photos every day and will love sharing them with friends and family, so I take extra care and time to make sure that you purchase only what you love. I do not have a set package that limits what items with a specific number of prints and digitals you have to choose. With my assistance, you’ll create your photo collection to fit your style and needs.

I hope this gives you an idea of all that is included when you choose me to photograph you, your new baby, or your family. I take pride in knowing that I offer the best experience with exceptional service along with beautiful photos – both prints and digitals – you will love. I take care of everything, so you don’t have to. It’s that simple. Contact me today to schedule your next session. Your world, my lens.

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