Being in photos is not just for you.

You just gave birth to (or adopted etc.) the most perfect, beautiful, amazing newborn baby. You are working on less sleep than you might have ever gotten in your life, might have a body that is healing and will be for weeks, and are trying to figure out how your new life works now. While you are so exited to start the hardest and most important job you’ll ever have – being a parent – you might not be physically feeling your best. Why would you want to be in photos when you don’t feel awesome? Where do you begin?!

Please embrace this opportunity to contribute to your child’s positive mental health outlook. Read on to find out the top reasons you should be in these photos and future photos as your child grows.

Mom dressed in brown dress holds sleeping baby boy wrapped in olive green at his in-home newborn photoshoot in Houston, Texas

Making Memories Together

I know, this one is obvious and maybe a bit cliché, so I’ll keep it short. Being in photos with your baby and children allows you to capture precious moments and create lasting memories with your new baby, not just of them, before they change so much. Photographs serve as a tangible reminder of the early years and milestones you shared together.

Bonding with Your Baby

It seems silly to think that this little baby who can barely see shapes and light right now cares about being in photos with you. BUT being present in photos with your children strengthens the parent-child bond. It shows them that you value and cherish their presence in your life. The act of being physically close in photographs can convey love, warmth, and a sense of security. Snuggling that newborn in posed photos brings you about as close as possible. They will feel this connection later when they can look back on these images and gush at how much love you had for them so early in their life.

Developing Self-Identity

By getting in front of the camera with your baby, you help your children develop a sense of self-identity and belonging. When they look back at the photos as they grow, they will see themselves as part of a family unit and understand their place within it. Seeing images of themselves with their parents reinforces their self-worth and strengthens their sense of belonging. Children can feel a sense of pride in having their parents by their side in images, fostering a stronger sense of family unity. Your children look up to you as their role model. By being in photos with them, you demonstrate the importance of capturing and preserving family moments. It will teach them to value relationships and to be present in the lives of their loved ones. Plus, you can aide in boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem with these photos. Seeing themselves loved and accepted by their parents in images reinforces their sense of worthiness and encourages a positive self-image.

Telling Your Story

Photos tell a visual story of your family’s journey. They convey emotions, experiences, and the growth of your children over time. Being present in these first photos allows you to actively participate in that beginning narrative and contribute to the story of your family. This is where it started for them, show them the love and support you gave right from the beginning. Playfulness and laughter captured in images create precious moments of happiness that you and your baby can look back on with fondness.

Creating Nostalgia

As your newborn baby grows older, they will appreciate having photos of themselves with their parents. Looking back at these images can evoke a sense of nostalgia, triggering fond memories and creating a sense of connection to their childhood. You can help grow this bond by looking at the newborn session images together, hopefully by flipping the pages of an album from their newborn photoshoot or reminiscing about what little you might remember from those moments that are displayed proudly on a family gallery wall in your home.

parents show love and bonding while holding their new baby while all dressed in cream colors at their in-home Houston newborn photo session.

Starting a Legacy

The most important reason to be in the photos with your bundle of joy is this is the start of a new life, literally. Your new baby might grow up to discover something new and amazing, make a huge impact on human life, and/or be the most helpful, respectful, and kind person they can be. Begin their legacy now and not with just photos of them as a baby. Be with them, hold them, and kiss them in the photos. Print the images and make an album that can be passed down. Future generations will appreciate having visual records of their family history. Model how to be involved especially from the beginning, even potentially showing imperfectness while you all adjust and grow into this new role as a family.

Being present in photos is not only about capturing the perfect shot but also about cherishing and celebrating the unique bond you share with your brand new baby. I urge you to please be in the photos, even if you dread it. Most importantly, your child will grow to be a better person as they love looking back at them.

Know that your newborn photographer will be sure to pose you in ways that compliment how your body is changing and can hide the parts you don’t love right now (I do this for sure!). Remember, you can always delete photos you don’t like, but you cannot go back and relive those moments you missed.

Contact me today to start planning your Houston newborn photoshoot done in the comfort of your own home where you WILL be in at least a few images with your brand new baby.

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