When your family who lives overseas is in town, you just have to do an extended family photo session. Cousins meeting for the first time, grandparents seeing their adult child for the first time in years, siblings reuniting…document these moments! Even if you live close to your family and see them more often, it’s important to professionally capture moments together every once in a while. Everyone will cherish them now and years down the road.

Go to my Home Page to explore the customizable services I offer. Read on to see moments from this fun family’s extended photo session near Houston, Texas!

Extended family takes brightly colored themed family photo when one household visits from Asia. Taken near Houston in the Spring time.

This family chose bright Spring colors, and it was just in time for Easter!! We had the grandparents, three siblings, their spouses, and three super cute grandchildren. We were able to get in lots of photos with different combinations of people in photos making for lots of variety for them to choose from. The kids played together, and everyone helped get the little one-year old excited about photos. This family looked great and had some fun during this quick, just under one hour session.

Collage of Easter color themed extended family photo session near Houston Texas

The green background and bright outfit colors add to the feeling of joy and playfulness this family brought to their session. We took some lovely, posed shots and some silly ones, too, bringing out the different personalities of the group. Those are often my favorites and are the most fun to look back on in future years.

Collage of family being silly, showing their personalities in an outdoor extended family photo session

The grandparents, especially the grandmother, are so thankful to be able to have great images of their children and grandchildren together. And she might be getting something special for Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner. (Wink. Wink.)

Are you ready for family photos? Want to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc? This would be a great surprise gift for Mom or Grandma, too! Let’s chat about how I can help with this! Send me message, and we’ll customize an extended family photo session to fit your family and your needs.

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