We created Magic and Memories at home with a new baby.

newborn baby boy headshot in Houston Texas

This photo session was one of the most special I have done so far. This family living in the Memorial Area of Houston are repeat clients and good friends of mine. This baby is the family’s fourth (and probably last) baby, and I am honored that they chose me to photograph this special time again! I was blessed to capture this fella’s two older siblings when they were babies (not the oldest only because I wasn’t taking newborn photos then – haha!), and it was so fun getting all four kids together for some precious moments in their home.

This time, we started with just baby boy August after I set up the sets in their home. The older kids had a chance to play and get ready while I worked my magic to get their baby newborn brother to sleep. We chose creams and soft blues for his color palette which turned out so dreamy. Auggie go to do some sleepy poses in a bowl then in a bucket. Mom chose these two as her favorites from those poses. So angelic!

Then, we corralled the kiddos and got everyone in for a group shot. You might be thinking, no way my kids will all sit still and look that perfect. And you are probably right! These four wiggled, pouted, smiled, laughed, and giggled all in the ten minutes we worked together. It was fun! I was able to composite three or four different images together plus a little editing magic to end up with these final group shots that their mom loves so much.

Houston siblings at in-home newborn photoshoot for new baby
family with four kids loves on new baby brother at Memorial Area in-home newborn photo session

The second one is actually a remake of a very similar image I took at the newborn photo session for the youngest girl. Recreating that took some special skill in working with the children as well as some time editing to get it just right.

After the group shots, we did a few more of little Auggie. He was wide awake at that point, so the traditional poses I often do were out of the question. But since we as happy and content to be wrapped, we did some what we call “mugshot” photos capturing his different expressions and silly faces as we cooed at him. I love how these turned out, and they are some of mom’s favorites from the whole session.

baby boy in cream headshot
baby boy wrapped in cream sticking out tongue
baby yawn at Houston Memorial area in-home photo session

One of my favorite things to catch on camera is when babies yawn or stick out their tongues. It’s one of the coolest parts of being a newborn photographer – sweet moments and baby’s personalities. Auggie sure nailed those.

I am also including this last photo because it’s important to remember when working with young children is to allow their personalities to show not just aim for a perfect photo. Mom also chose this one because it shows off a little how they all felt after a few photos and a wardrobe change. It’s far from perfect but it’s imperfectly wonderful.

As a Memorial Area newborn photographer, it’s always a pleasure to travel to clients’ homes to help them capture those special moments and their growing families. Contact me now to discuss how we can create something special for you and your family.

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