As a supporter of small, local businesses, it is always my pleasure to help with updating headshots for businesses in the Houston area with anywhere from six to twenty-five team members. This can be accomplished in a few hours on one day, and I travel to your office and bring everything we’ll need for a professional look everyone will love. Each headshot session is customized to fit the needs of each client and wardrobe suggestions are provided to help everyone look thier best to represent the company’s brand and style.

Recently, I was invited to take headshots for each staff member plus a team photo for the Farmer’s Insurance Luke Bohlman Agency. We started with a short consultation over the phone then a quick visit in office to plan the best location for the individual and team photos. They decided on a gray backdrop, and I provided my Headshot Preparation guide to help everyone select the wardrobe of choice.

I traveled to the Bohlman Agency’s Houston Greater Heights area office on the day of the photo session and brought everything needed including backdrop, appropriate lighting, and camera gear. I set up right away, so we could get started as soon as possible to respect everyone’s time.

One at a time, the seven team members popped over to me for a quick 5 minutes tops. We took a few photos together, making a few adjustments each time for their best look. Then, they were able to view the unedited images and select which one they liked best. Requests for any specific edits were noted and done later in post processing. Here are the final seven images with Luke being the largest as the head of the group.

collage of individual headshots from Houston area in-office photo session.

They look uniform as a group with the same lighting and color tone, yet each person was able to bring their own personality into their photo making it unique to them.

They also wanted to take a team photo. They have a large logo hanging on a wall in the office, which they requested be in the background. This image took only three attempts to get everyone looking and smiling, but turned out to be best group photo they’ve taken, so far!

team photo of Farmer's Bohlman Agency

We took a few candid shots of everyone working for them to use for social media content as needed and a few of Tim Bohlman in his office area. Here is one of my favorites we captured if him.

man smiling while sitting on desk at in-office branding photo session with Houston headshot photographer

I was in thier office for a total of two hours and everyone was able to work and take calls as needed. Meaning, I disrupted very little of each person’s time and was able the capture each image they requested plus more.

If your small business of between 6 and 25 people with an office in the Greater Houston area needs updated headshots and/or a team photo, contact me today to start planning your quick and easy session.

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