Women supporting women is one of my favorite types of business to do and be a part of. This is exactly the kind of photo session I love to help plan and create. I’d like to introduce you to Kim: a wife, a mom of two littles, a supportive friend, and a hard-working entrepreneur. I met Kim through a small networking group. She was pregnant with baby #2, and while we were not a great fit for maternity or newborn photos for her, we did hit it off pretty much instantly. We continue to support each other’s businesses when possible. I am a client of hers and she is one of mine, too. Go to my homepage to learn more about my services or read on to learn about Kim.

simple headshot of woman wearing black shirt and glasses.

Kim wears many hats. What she calls her joy job is helping individuals and families lead a healthier lifestyle through their diet. She does this as a Juice Plus+ representative. What is Juice Plus+? In a nutshell, it is products that people of all ages can enjoy made from real fruit and vegetables: capsules, chewables, powders, and bars. You can learn more here or you can ask Kim all about the peer reviewed research and anecdotal benefits she and her clients have gained from the products.

But this isn’t a blog all about Juice Plus+. This is really about a headshot and brand photo session Kim and I did together to create images she can use to help her share her story and help more people live a better and longer life by getting the right nutrition, something Kim is very passionate about.

The photo session was done at 201Lofthaus, a space for content creators in the Houston area. We utilized several rooms in the space to take some simple headshots of just Kim showing her warm, friendly, and sometimes silly personality plus some brand photos in the kitchen so you can see the products themselves.

modern headshot of woman in black top sitting on couch with glasses

We did a few more serious poses of Kim working because she is a lady who gets things done on time and is always willing to help with tasks as needed.

woman in yellow top sitting at desk with laptop and cell phone

Of course, we created images with the Juice Plus+ products, so Kim can showcase how simple it is to use them and incorporate them into your daily routine. This one is my favorite because it shows off Kim’s fun and laid back personality.

Woman selling Juice Plus+ showcases some products in beautifully designed kitchen

I also like to include for all my branding clients a close-up of them with negative space in the images they can use in marketing to fill in fun facts, information, or any thoughts they want to share to their audience. It looks something like this. This type of image is a good one that gets people to stop scrolling and READ.

simple close-up headshot of woman in yellow with yellow backdrop and extra negative space

Want to meet Kim and/or find out more about Juice Plus+? Contact me for her information. She does a lot of networking all over the Houston area including in several women’s groups where female small business owners gather together for networking and education. One of these groups is Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs. I am involved with WCE, as well, and love the support and camaraderie at each meeting.

Ready to schedule your own headshot and branding photo session? Let’s start planning together!

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